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'All About Aubrey'/Oxygen

Getting to Know ‘All About Aubrey’

The former Danity Kane singer on her new show, her struggles and a new beginning on her terms

You may know her best for her time in Danity Kane on MTV’s “Making the Band,” but Aubrey O’Day wants you to get to know the real her in her new show, “All About Aubrey,” which premieres March 7 on Oxygen. The singer, actress and model spoke with MSN TV about her comeback, what it’s like having cameras following her around all the time and whether or not she’s spoken to her former boss, Diddy.

MSN TV: When we last you on TV, you were on “Making the Band” and being let go from Danity Kane, what have you been up to since then?

Aubrey O’Day: I did Broadway, starring in “Hairspray” as Amber Von Tussle, and then I went to “Peepshow,” and in between “Hairspray” and “Peepshow,” I did the cover of Playboy. So I spent about a year and a half of the show on stage, and then decided that I wanted to get into the music industry – that’s where I enjoyed myself the most – but the things I didn’t enjoy, I wanted to make sure I got rid of this time around, so I’m re-entering the music industry on my own terms, and you see all that on “All About Aubrey.”

Photos: See the cast of ‘All About Aubrey’ | Bing: More about Aubrey O’Day

Tell us a little bit about the show. What can fans expect?

For the most part you’re just going to see the real me. The interpretation of me in the media is far off from what I really am. You’re going to see me coming back into the music industry. The basic first step into the door, which is writing, recording, making music. I get back together with Gil who is Janet Jackson’s choreographer, also did Danity Kane and is now my solo choreographer. I get back with my manager, Johnny Wright, who is responsible for the Backstreet Boys, *N Sync, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers and Janet Jackson’s career. And then I get back… [in] the studio and start making music. And you get to see my friends — my best friends, Stephanie and Tiffany and then Krystal – and you get to see immediately what I battle right out of the gate, which is weight issues.

What’s it like having cameras following you again?

I love it! When I was a little girl, I always used to pretend that cameras were following me. I’d go and try to make my life fun and interesting. It’s funny how it just naturally became my reality. It’s my destiny to continually show my trials and errors all over national television.

Are you doing a lot of writing right now, and any plans for a tour?

I’m definitely writing and producing and making music. You’ll see the outcome with the music on my show, so I don’t want to give too much away, but I definitely will be going on tour. I love my fans and I love going to them and performing for them, so I can’t wait to do that.

If you had to pick a song of yours that you feel defines you, what would it be?

“Goodbye Heartbreak.” You’ll hear it on “All About Aubrey,” and basically I wrote it about letting go of the past, letting go of my past with Danity Kane, my past with a lot of my issues I have with my family, letting go of the bad and the negativity and the things that get you down and the heartbreak, really being able to move through it and get to a better place.

Do you keep in touch with the girls from Danity Kane at all, and have you spoken with Diddy?

A few of us keep in touch, and you will see one of them make an appearance of my show, and you’ll also see me reach out to Diddy for the first time since I was kicked out of Danity Kane.

What’s one thing fans may not know about you?

I’m a big nerd. I have never been cool a single day of my life, and I certainly don’t want to start now. (Laughs).

What message do you want to send to your fans?

I think my message and my motto in life is exactly what you’ll see on the show, which is always get back up. Meaning, you can fall down a million times in life and that doesn’t define who you are, it’s how you get back up, and you have to try to do it with grace and poise and respect for yourself and the people around you. And also with the utmost belief in yourself because at the end of the day, people will disappoint you constantly and the person who will always have you back and protect you no matter what, unconditionally, is yourself, so you really have to believe in yourself and love yourself more than anyone else does.

“All About Aubrey” premieres Monday, March 7 at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.



Aubrey on Chris Brown’s leaked nude

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Aubrey visited Covino and Rich’s radio show today in New York to promote her show premiering in less than an hour! The host and Aubrey viewed Chris Brown’s leaked photos and apparently she thought it was small. Homegirl must have been getting some from an alien on Mars or she is just a size queen. But I have to say, it’s looks a bit malnourished…whoops. Photos coming soon.

Rap-Up.Com sits down with Aubrey O’Day

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Aubrey O’Day’s world crashed when she was fired on-air by Diddy on MTV’s “Making the Band” in 2008. Now viewers will get to see the next chapter in the wild child’s life as she picks up the pieces and moves on in her new reality series “All About Aubrey,” premiering tonight at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

The ex-Danity Kane singer chatted with Rap-Up TV about the show and some of the candid moments you will see including recording her solo album, learning choreography, and performing, leading up to a showcase for the major labels. She also reaches out to former Bad Boy boss Diddy for the first time.

While she may have gone solo, the Playboy cover girl still has hopes for a Danity Kane reunion in the future. “Most of us all stay in touch and talk all the time,” she reveals. “I would love to bring it all back and get all the girls back together and have another little Danity Kane moment in life.”

Find out what Aubrey’s been up to in the studio in the next part of our interview, coming later this week.

Source:’s Magic Box

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Check this hilarious video of Aubrey answering questions from’s Magic Box. The video also shows us a new clip of Aubrey recording a brand new song. Loved the Nancy Grace impersonation! PS: Don’t forget All About Aubrey premiers in less that 10 hours!!

Aubrey and pussy posse leaving Supperclub toasted

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Check out this video of Aubrey and her girls leaving Supperclub after a hard night celebrating at Supperclub for the show premiering TOMORROW. The show better live up to all this hype!

Also check out this little snippet of a reporter asking Aubrey about Kim’s terrible new single. Reporter: Kim Kardashian, she’s one of her best friends….Aubrey: *hurflip* *hurflip*. Hilarious!

Ish.TV interviews Aubrey

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Maximo TV talks to All About Aubrey Cast

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Aubrey O’Day on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight

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Here is the video of Aubrey on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight. She looks absolutely gorgeous and that she’s on CNN. Fox News can kick rocks.

Aubrey on KTLA

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Check out this new interview of Aubrey doing her rounds of promotion on KTLA this morning. Peep her fierce outfit and shoess.

Popeater Interview

Posted by on March 4, 2011 Post a comment interviews Aubrey O’Day

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ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: What’s it like to be fired on national television?
AUBREY O’DAY: People always ask me when I’ll get over it, and my standard answer is: “Any day now.”

Q. Seriously, what were you thinking when it happened?
A. So many things were going wrong internally and externally, and it was becoming such an unhappy situation that the words coming out of his mouth were almost a relief.

Q. What had been going wrong with the band that being fired was a relief?
A. We had been in the group almost five years, and were making no money.

Q. Really?
A. We had two platinum albums and were still living with our parents.

Q. Let me get this straight; you weren’t making any money from being in the band?
A. That’s right.

Q. Somebody must have been making money?
A. It wasn’t us. When you’re working that hard, and you’re not seeing the quality of your life getting better, it makes things seem darker. A lot of things were eating away at us. And we weren’t on the same page as to whether we could take a break from non-stop working. Unfortunately, in a group, everybody has to be on the same page.

Q. What were your emotions when you left the band?
A. It was sad. The hardest part was forgiving the people involved. But that still didn’t help. And then I realized that I hadn’t forgiven myself for the things I could have done better. As for being fired on national television, I don’t care. I’m an outrageous person, and I have a strong voice. I don’t speak out of ignorance, or to hear myself talk. I believed that I was speaking up for myself, and what I thought was fair. That was the lesson I learned from all this – that life isn’t fair, and the entertainment business is particularly not fair. My wanting things to be fair was my downfall.

Q. So getting fired was the least of your problems?
A. A lot of people got fired in 2008, and I was just the poster child for something that everyone was going through.

Q. In the aftermath of the firing, you went to Broadway for six months, did “Peep Show” in Las Vegas for six months and then appeared in Playboy. Any regrets about any of those moves?
A. Not at all.

Q. If Broadway was your dream, why didn’t you stay there?
A. Broadway is suffering from the same downturn as the rest of the country, and the first casualties are the musicals. There just wasn’t work. But it was a wonderful experience. It forced me to be the most disciplined I’ve ever been in my whole life. There are no smoke and mirrors on stage. It’s just you.

Q. Why did you pose for Playboy?
A. It’s something I could never imagine doing. I never felt pretty in my life. I was never popular. I didn’t even lose my virginity until my junior year in college. I wasn’t the girl that anybody wanted. So, when Playboy called, it gave me an opportunity to be that girl for the first time in my life.

Q. So, you’re one of those sexy women who claim to have blossomed late?
A. I was made fun of when I was a girl. I was bullied all the time. I was performing in shows, but I felt as if nobody liked me at school. That’s all you think about when you’re young. I used to stuff my bra because I was under-developed. I was so insecure, but my mother kept saying that she developed late, and I would, too. I never believed her, and then I started getting voluptuous.

Q. Did people’s taunts end?
A. No. Then they started accusing me of having tons of plastic surgery. It drove me crazy.

Q. You’ve never had plastic surgery?
A. Never. I’m not against it. If I were looking in the mirror and was unhappy with what I saw, I’d do it. But I haven’t even had Botox yet. But I am getting to a scary age (27).

Q. The end-result of this period was that you decided to get back into the recording business?
A. What I realized was that what I loved most was being a pop star. And I wanted to be back on TV.

Q. Why?
A. So many negative things were being said about me.

Q. Like what?
A. I was blamed for the demise of the group, and there is no way one person can bring down a multi-million-dollar operation like that.

Q. But I don’t understand why you want to be on a reality show again?
A. The person I am was being so distorted by the media, and I wasn’t able to affect change. By going back on TV, I could show that I am not this evil, selfish person who is breaking up groups. The reality of me is very different, and you can see that on the show. I am insecure, vulnerable and sensitive. I am very passionate about my friends. I’m just a nerd.

Q. Speaking of nerds, why do you live in Irvine?
A. (laughs) I’m the biggest Orange County supporter of all time. I lived in L.A. when I was recording and working in the band. It was more convenient.

Q. When did you first move to Irvine?
A. I moved here from Palm Springs when I started UC Irvine. After I graduated, I moved to New York. But I missed Orange County so much. All my friends are here. It’s so beautiful. It feels like Toon Town. I bring my friends from New York and L.A. here, and they all want to live here. When I drive back from working in L.A., seeing that Alton Parkway exit is the greatest sight in the world. I know I’m home.

Q. What are doing up in L.A. every day?
A. Dancing, recording, all the stuff you see on the show. I also have a T-shirt line, and I work with two charities.

Q. Has all the work paid off with a recording contract?
A. You’ll see on the show. I can’t tell you. That’s the big finale of the show.

Q. I have seen the first show, and I don’t understand why you put yourself in a situation where these professionals were criticizing your weight. Wasn’t that hurtful?
A. Celebrities will do reality shows these days just to brand themselves. It’s usually scripted and phony. I definitely didn’t want to create a show like that. I didn’t do it just to get my career back, or to be on TV. I felt it could be therapy for me, as well as being therapy for the viewers. But, in order to affect change, I have to show how change happens – the good and the bad.

Q. That’s very generous of you, but it can’t be easy to have someone call you heavy on camera?
A. It was hard to hear at first. I was embarrassed because I didn’t know it was so obvious. I cried the first time I watched. By the third time, I thought that it would help other people dealing with the same issues. And it gets tougher. I think those guys were holding back the first week.

Q. Is the goal to rejuvenate the singing career, and put television behind you?
A. The way I feel right now, I would continue doing the show, not only with my career but with my personal life as well. My early career was documented, and now this return is being documented. How amazing would it be to document falling in love, or getting married?

Q. You show biz people are really different than regular folks.
A. (laughs) We’re all self-obsessed and neurotic. We love to be watched. But, on the other hand, we’re so hard on ourselves about what other people think of us. It’s a double-edged sword.

Q. Are you self-obsessed and neurotic?
A. You have to be a little of both to think your story is worth watching on TV (laughs).

Source: interviews Aubrey O’Day

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Singer Aubrey O’Day of the P. Diddy all-girl group Danity Kane is returning to the world of reality shows. After being dismissed on MTV’s Making the Band, she is now flying solo on Oxygen’s All About Aubrey. The new show chronicles the trails and tribulations as Aubrey is out to prove that she can make it without the band.

Windy City Times: Hey, Aubrey. After the pressure of Making the Band, how has it been with your own reality show?

Aubrey O’Day: Well I’d say the pressure has probably only gotten stronger. It’s a different type of pressure though. Originally, Making the Band and forming a unit with four other women was the struggle. Everything is on my shoulders as a solo artist so I feel it harder than I did in Danity Kane.

WCT: Do you regret your action of separating from the group?

Aubrey O’Day: I don’t regret standing up for what I thought was right and allowing my voice to be heard. I think that’s a strong characteristic for any human being and most importantly for women to do especially nowadays in the workplace. It’s not for everyone but because that has been who I am since childhood it’s just what is right for me

WCT: How is your relationship with Diddy?

Aubrey O’Day: You will see it explored on All About Aubrey.

WCT: How have your problems with weight changed?

Aubrey O’Day: I think that, for me, my fluctuations in weight have been more about an emotional struggle than a physical struggle. I have a smaller frame to begin with and have never really had too many issues with battling weight but I did find once my emotional balance got shook that my weight started fluctuating heavily.

WCT: You have had a long journey to land back on a reality show.

Aubrey O’Day: Well I think after being fired in Making the Band, Diddy and Danity Kane kind of went under, I felt like that was the last thing I wanted to do which is why I ran to Broadway to do Hairspray and, after that, Peepshow.

You never really understand why or even how hard it is to have success a second time potentially on your own. And I really felt like that was a good story to tell and I think Oxygen felt like I was a good person to tell it because of how honest I am with my low moments as well as my highs.

WCT: How real is the reality show?

Aubrey O’Day: Reality television on Making the Band was actually real, whereas nowadays everything is so scripted and feels very phony. I wanted to get back to what I was used to which was basically like a long therapy session for the people involved in it and also the people watching it.

I loved that Oxygen allowed me to have a reality TV show where we were just filmed 24 hours a day. We were never handed scripts or given story lines. Everything is honest to God the truth of what was happening at that point in my life. And I feel like really blessed and like it really helped a lot to be able to get out all the things that had been like weighing heavy on my heart for so long.

WCT: You will be spotlighting new music throughout the season?

Aubrey O’Day: Yes, I am working with Adonis, who is a three-time Grammy award winner. He came from B. Cox’s camp. He is amazing and also produced a lot of records for Danity Kane as well as Usher, Mariah Carey, Diddy, Beyonce, everyone. He’s an amazing writer and producer.

Along with Gil, who is Janet Jackson’s choreographer and was Danity Kane’s choreographer, there is Johnny Wright, who is my manager. Those three are the ones that are really heading up the ship of my career and allowing me to come back into the music industry on my own terms even though they all have opinions about how I should be and how I should present myself.

And the music is amazing. It’s urban pop. Danity Kane fans will love it. It has a little bit more of my voice in it because I’ve written everything. One of the Danity Kane members does come back on my show and we do a record together and it has like a really 90s vibe to it, like Prince drums which I love.

WCT: Did you feel Gil was hard on you in that scene on the first episode?

Aubrey O’Day: You know, when I was in the moment I was kind of like shocked by it. I think you can see that when he first goes in on me. It’s not something I expected to hear or really understood was such an issue. I don’t think that he was like too hard on me. Everyone is hard on you in the industry. This industry is like unforgiving and very brutal and it’s not for everybody and you have to have a very thick skin.

WCT: It is very brave of you to put everything out there like that.

Aubrey O’Day: God, it’s been embarrassing. When I watched the first episode I’m like, “Why did I do that?” I can’t believe I’m telling this much of the truth; it’s a little too much.

WCT: You have two dogs on the show with some colorful coats.

Aubrey O’Day: Yes, Ginger and Mary Ann and they are both dyed; Ginger is pink and Mary Ann is purple. And they’re both dyed with a product that actually I created after using different dog dyes. They’re all natural, mine is a green product, and I do it when they sleep so they don’t even really know that it’s being done. But they’re just colorful and fun to me.

WCT: Can you tell our readers about the organization you started to raise money for AIDS?

Aubrey O’Day: Yes; FAN stands for Fight AIDS Now. And basically when I had my junior year of college I did a program called Semester at Sea, which is where you travel around the world on a boat. You basically get to learn everything about every country that you go to. I spent a lot of time in various places in Africa and that changed my life being in the orphanages and with children that had Aids that were dying of poverty, all these things.

I’d say that was the first time in my life I realized life is just not about me and I’m a very small piece. So I started this program. I started really grass roots in my sorority. I would make AIDS apparel to support keeping yourself tested and aware.

My goal for it would be to implement programming in children’s hospitals internationally and basically do art and therapy for kids that are affected by AIDS and HIV.

WCT: How do you deal with the tabloids and gossip?

Aubrey O’Day: I think day by day. I’ve heard a lot of celebrities say they don’t care and it doesn’t matter that any press is good press. I think they’re all probably lying or trying to put a positive step forward.

Because at the end of the day how can you not have your feelings hurt by people saying horrible things about you or making fun of you? All those things can be very confusing and very hurtful.

WCT: How has it been working with the Oxygen channel?

Aubrey O’Day: I love that Oxygen gave me the opportunity to do my show the way I really wanted to which was having it be a real reality show. Because I think you’ll honestly get to see who I really am, the good sides, the bad sides, the silly sides. I think that lovers and haters alike will be pleasantly surprised by me because there are a lot of misconceptions about me in the media and there are a lot of inaccuracies about who I am.

WCT: What have you learned since Making the Band?

Aubrey O’Day: I’d say picking and choosing your battles, knowing when to let your voice soar and when to tone it down.

You see a lot of the ideas of like celebrity versus artist in my show and I think like you’ve seen me kind of do both with being someone that was on the cover of Playboy to being someone that has two platinum albums.

I think I’ve explored a good amount of both sides, which is not usually the case. Either artists are artists and celebrities are celebrities. You don’t necessarily always see crossovers done in any type of successful way.

WCT: Is there something fans can learn about you from watching the show?

Aubrey O’Day: Well some people tell me from watching it they never realized how nerdy and silly I was. To me it’s like who I’ve always been so I don’t know that stands out to me. I think you see me in my natural element with my friends.

WCT: You have lots of gay fans that will be watching.

Aubrey O’Day: Thank God!

Source: interviews Aubrey O’Day

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La Quinta High School 2001 graduate Aubrey O’Day has sung in a platinum-selling girl band and performed on Broadway.

Next she’ll star in “All About Aubrey,” a reality show premiering Monday on Oxygen.

The seeds of stardom were sown when she was a Coachella Valley teenager: She acted in school plays, performed with the school dance team and even dressed the part of a future MTV diva.

“She sometimes pushed the envelope on dress code,” said LQHS math teacher Dan O’Grady.

He was assistant principal while O’Day was a student and said he remembers her as “very smart and very opinionated.”

O’Day launched into stardom when producer Sean “Diddy” Combs selected her to be a member of the all-girl group Danity Kane, which he created over two seasons of the MTV reality show “Making the Band 3.”

He used the same show as a vehicle to fire her from Danity Kane just two years after the the group released its first album, criticizing O’Day’s clothes, hair and conduct.

She went on to play Amber Von Tussle in “Hairspray” on Broadway and is plotting a comeback to the pop music world via her new reality show.

The La Quinta Sun caught up with O’Day this week and asked her about the new show, growing up in the desert and a new solo album.

QUESTION: How is having your own reality show different from co-starring with band mates and P. Diddy in “Making the Band 3?”

ANSWER: I don’t have to share any of my camera time! It’s definitely more in-depth and personal. I share a lot of vulnerability, my ups, my downs, my issues that I have in my family life with my friends. You never really can hide behind someone else’s story line.

QUESTION: What sets this show apart?

It’s honest and real. Nowadays, reality’s just so scripted and it just feels so phony. … I really wanted it to be a real reality show, like it was when I was on “Making the Band.”

QUESTION: How much input did you have in how you are portrayed on the show?

In a real reality show you’re just portrayed how you really are. … That doesn’t always mean making me comfortable and making me look good. … I put a team together that I trusted. … I really trusted everyone to tell my story in a way that can be inspiring for other people.

QUESTION: Will we see the desert?

I couldn’t have a reality show and not bring the cameras back to my hometown. We go back to Palm Springs. We went back and visited (La Quinta High School) on my show.

QUESTION: What about your high school experience influences what you do today?

I did theater a lot and dance. I was on the dance team and the cheerleading team, but I loved the dance team more.

QUESTION: How did childhood in the desert shape who you are today?

I loved growing up in the desert. Beautiful weather. It’s a small town, but it’s not too small. You don’t feel suffocated, but you also don’t feel super exposed to any negative environments. The only thing that sucks about the desert is the summertime. … After that it’s basically the perfect place.

QUESTION: What’s the status of your solo album?

On the show you see me writing and recording. You see a series of performances and a final showcase … to secure a record deal.


Wild 94.9 Interview

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“I’ve always been fearless and unafraid of my voice. But, I would say the new Aubrey is starting to rebuild her foundation on solid ground,” O’Day tells us

Thursday, March 3, 2011

By: Jacqueline Fulton — iheartradio

When we first met Aubrey O’Day, she was one of Diddy‘s proteges on Making The Band: Danity Kane. The group had a string of hits, including the super-catchy “Damaged,” but internal drama caused Diddy to kick Aubrey and fellow group-mate D. Woods out, and Aubrey was labeled a “bad girl.”

Now, Aubrey’s back and itching to create a name for herself apart from Danity Kane. Her new reality show All About Aubrey premieres this Monday (March 7) on Oxygen, and she recently called up iheartradio to chat about her past, present and future.

IHR: What can fans expect from the show? What parts of your life are we going to get to see?
AO: You’ll see me with my friends from middle school, so they’re like my real, real friends, my family issues, some dating stuff — but mostly you’re going to see my comeback into the music industry. You’re gonna see the ups and downs of coming off of Danity Kane, and my journey of getting back up and standing on my two feet again. You’re going to see me write and record music, and then you’ll see a big showcase at the finale where I perform for all the record labels in hopes of getting a record deal.

IHR: It’s interesting that you have to work so hard to get a record deal considering that you’ve already proven yourself in the industry. Was it frustrating to have to go back to square one?
AO: It’s definitely not easy. I kind of thought of it the way you’re talking about it, like it wouldn’t be as hard as it has been. You’ll definitely see all of those struggles on my show. I think most people have the perspective that you and I had, and that’s not the case, it actually takes even more hard work than I’ve ever had to put into my career before.

IHR: So, you said we’re going to see your dating life on the show. Can you give us any sneak peeks? Are you dating anyone now?
AO: You’ll see me going out on dates – it’s like “Aubrey of Love,” except there is no love! I’m still a loner. My heart has been given to my two dogs, Ginger and MaryAnne, and until I find a man that’s cooler than my dogs, I’m not settling! It’s going to be hard to find someone as cute, smart, funny and interesting as my dogs. They’re more amazing than anyone I’ve dated!

IHR: It sounds like your life is pretty tame now, but you were once no stranger to controversy. Did you ever think of joining Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club instead of starting your own show?
AO: No, I think my days of being that kind of bad girl are over! I don’t know if I was ever really that kind of a bad girl, as close as I ever came to being like that was probably in the Making The Band days, but I don’t think I’m there anymore. I’m still a bad girl in my own way, but I don’t think bad girls always have to be throwing things, and yanking weaves out, and punching. I think you could be bad in other ways, too. But I’m absolutely a huge fan of the Bad Girls Club. I’ve definitely watched and have my favorites!

For a lot of fans, the last time we saw you on TV was the episode of Making The Band where Diddy told you he didn’t want you in the group anymore. It’s been a few years since then, are you over it?
AO: I always say the same answer – any day now I’ll be over that. It was very emotional. In job terms, it was like my first big relationship and my first big breakup. The group became my family, and it was very hard to lose them and to go through all of it publicly. I wouldn’t say that I’m over it, but I got through it. I don’t think you could ever forget something like that, but I survived it and I’m excited for the place that I’m at now.

IHR: Have you spoken to Diddy since then, or anyone from Danity?
AO: You’re actually going to see one of the members make an appearance on my show. And you also see me reach out to Diddy for the first time — but that’s all I can say right now, you have to watch! People are shaking right now, they’re scared I’m going to tell the truth!

IHR: We can’t wait for you to tell the truth! So, what’s one way that you’ve changed or grown since being in the band? Who’s the new Aubrey?
AO: I’ve always been fearless and unafraid of my voice. But, I would say the new Aubrey is starting to rebuild her foundation on solid ground. The first time around, I was young and kind of jumping over every hurdle and trying to get to the top, and then when I found myself really succeeding I wasn’t happy internally. This time when I get there, I want to feel it inside as well. I had to rebuild the pieces one by one and had to start all over basically. You’ve got to do spring cleaning – you’ve got to toss it out and start all over again.

Source: WiLD 94.9

The Advocate Interview: Bad Girl Gone Good?

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Famously fired Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day attempts a solo comeback in her new reality series, All About Aubrey, and dishes all about her gay husbands and her issues with Perez Hilton and Josh Strickland.

Three years after Diddy made Aubrey O’Day a member of Danity Kane on MTV’s Making the Band, he fired her from the now-defunct girl group on a 2008 episode for her outspoken attitude and “oversexed” tabloid reputation. Now going solo, the 27-year-old pop pariah hopes to set the record straight — with some help from gay friends — in her new reality series, All About Aubrey, which premieres March 7 on Oxygen. O’Day, who recorded an “It Gets Better” video and participated in the No H8 campaign, comes clean about her controversial bisexual claims and explains why she wants to raise a gay child.

The Advocate: Establishing your solo music career while filming your new show, how difficult has it been to overcome your bad reputation in the media?
Aubrey O’Day: Thinking like that made me miserable, so I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself. I want to stop living for everyone else. I just wanted to get to a place where I’m honest about who I am, and people will either love it or hate it, but the truth about who I am isn’t consistent with what’s portrayed in the media. What you’ll see on my show is the truth. Some reality shows are so scripted and phony, so I wanted my show to be honest and inspiring.

A major theme of All About Aubrey is about your finding yourself as an artist instead of as a celebrity. How do you find that balance?
It’s really hard. The music industry side wants the celebrity side to completely detach, but that celebrity side is also a big part of who I am. I’ve been in a group that’s sold a ton of albums, but I’ve also done everything from Hairspray on Broadway to the cover of Playboy, so I’m both of those things. It’s been a big struggle to choose one or the other, because I don’t want to and I’m capable of being both. So I do have to fight that battle, even beyond the show to this day. But I feel blessed, because it’s a high-class problem to have, as my therapist says.

When tabloids did focus on your partying or diva behavior, did you believe that there was no such thing as bad publicity?
Yes and no. At the end of the day, just to sleep at night, you have to believe that all publicity is good publicity. But I’m such a sensitive person, so it always drives me crazy when people say bad things about me that aren’t true, especially when people called me a diva. I hate that. Not to say I’m not strong or that I don’t have very specific ideas about how I want things to be, but in a reasonable situation with smart, understanding people, there’s always a way to figure things out without being rude.

Speaking of publicity, you gave some very coy interviews regarding your sexuality in early 2009, saying things like, “I don’t like labels.” That, of course, turned into headlines that read, “Is Aubrey bisexual?” With all due respect, I didn’t buy any of it. Are you truly bisexual, or was that just a ploy to get more media attention?
Honestly, the whole thing started when I was on a red carpet in New York the day Prop. 8 wasn’t passed. Now, I’ve grown up with gay people my entire life. My first baby-sitter was a black man with AIDS who lived in our house, and I watched him die. He was one of my mom’s closest friends, and he was everything to me. I was brought up in a very liberal, accepting family, so I was very exposed to the gay community and to HIV and AIDS awareness, which spawned my own charity, FAN, Fight AIDS Now, which targets youth AIDS internationally. I was seriously offended by the Prop. 8 decision, so I grabbed my friend, who felt the same way, and told her, “Hold my hand and walk down this red carpet.” I just felt responsible to stand up for something that I believed in, which is that everyone deserves equal rights. That was my message that night, but it got turned into “Aubrey and her girlfriend parading around New York” on the blogs, and then all those questions started coming up in interviews.

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Kim Kardashian better up her porn game!

Posted by on March 1, 2011 1 comment

Aubrey O’Day, the former lead singer of girl group Danity Kane, is famous for her sassy stage presence, but when it comes to her two dogs, she exudes a seriously maternal vibe.

The reality star is back with a new series called All About Aubrey, but as Mom to Ginger and Marryann, O’Day makes their clothes by hand, takes them with her everywhere she can, posts Tweets for them on their separate Twitter accounts and dyes their coats (while they’re asleep, using a safe, all-natural product).

“These are my beautiful children,” O’Day told during a visit to our studio. “Ginger in pink over here, and Marryann over here in the purple. These are their signature colors.”

O’Day insists on non-gender biased names — Marryann is a male dog, Ginger is female — and during the shoot, the two pooches got extra-friendly. “Just a little doggie porn makeout session,” O’Day said as she watched her two pups kissing and nuzzling each other. “Kim Kardashian’s porno better watch out — it’s all about Marryann and Ginger!”

Plan to see more action from Ginger and Marryann on the reality show — perhaps with a few more makeout sessions! All About Aubrey premieres on Oxygen on March 7.


Personally, I think Ginger does it doggy way better than Kim!

VEVO Ask:Reply

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DK members and Diddy to be on “All About Aubrey”

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Check out the video above from the Sachika Fall 2011 Show which has Aubrey revealing a few more details about what to expect on “All About Aubrey” (around the 1:50 mark). DK members? I’m thinking we’re going to be seeing Aundrea and I can’t wait to see what goes down with her trying to connect with Diddy.

NYMag interviews Aubrey at Blondes fashion show

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We missed last season’s show by The Blonds, but we heard that the larger-than-life costumes proved to be everyone’s favorite experience of Fashion Week. So it seemed only fitting that on our way into this year’s event on Wednesday at Milk Studios that the first thing we saw in the elevator queue was the naked derriere of the equally larger-than-life Amanda Lepore. Her naked booty was followed by her naked everything else — yes, everything else from the waist down — ­because she was wearing her very sheerest red lingerie. In fact, Lepore’s toes were nearly the only appendage we didn’t get intimately familiar with during that fifteen-second wait, thanks to her glittery closed-toe pumps. Because going full peep-toe with your mesh genital drape would’ve really pushed that envelope straight into the paper shredder.

Once we actually alighted into the venue, we almost ran smack into the now-hirsute Nigel Barker, who looked dapper in a pin-striped suit, but still seemed as though he was wearing an extremely hairy beret. (Please go back to bald, Nigel.) In fact, it was a game of Six Degrees of Tyra Banks up in there: Nigel was joined by his ANTM cohorts J Alexander and Jay Manuel; one of last cycle’s guest judges, Patricia Field, swanned in wearing splattered torn pants and a bomber jacket that appeared to have her name scrawled in gold cursive in the back. Then there was Eve, a cycle four guest star, wearing a black dress and a seriously fierce (and potentially stabby) spiky gold cummerbund. Next to her sat singer Keri Hilson, whose corset top had giant gems affixed to it that rose in two dangerous-looking spikes toward her face. Hilson has not yet been Touched by a Tyra, but her career is still young so we expect she’ll get sucked into the vortex soon enough.

But the most eye-catching sighting for us was singer and reality-TV vixen Aubrey O’Day, clad in an enormous McQueen houndstooth shirt with a red bow affixed, which made her look a bit like a festive Valentine’s Day basket. “I wanted to be Blonds-inspired — ultra-big, fabulous, a little drag queen-y,” Aubrey said. “This outer exterior you see is one big façade. I was born a drag queen.” Well, we love a drag queen; at any given moment, almost as a rule, they are at least 80 percent more fabulous than we are. But Aubrey said it’s not always easy to dress her inner RuPaul. “My boobs never fit with anything, so if I ever find anything I fit into, I’m excited,” she said. “My boobs are gigantic, so [boob tape] never works. There’s always some slipping, popping, pinching. It’s the worst.”

Good thing that runway portion of the night provided the most fun we’ve had this season. We started our Fashion Week with the garish Richie Rich Variety Hour, and The Blonds felt like what Richie Rich wanted to be, but will never achieve. The guests were more glamorous, the spectacle itself was both well-run and artistically satisfying, and the clothes were a delightful visual feast: glittering wigs in gold, red, green, and blue; fringe and satin in every color; a model wearing a bejeweled rendition of what a Chinese dragon would look like if it were a Rockettes costume; and a slim-fitting pantsuit made entirely of googly eyes. And that’s not even all of it — we simultaneously wanted the show to continue forever, and felt compelled to apologize to it for not being sufficiently sparkly ourselves. O’Day also endorsed the “go big or go home” philosophy, both at this show and Fashion Week in general. “It’s when you finally get to be outrageous and it’s okay,” she told us. With that attitude, she was certainly in the right place.

Source: New York Fashion

PopEater Interview

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Aubrey will be interviewed by PopEater tonight at Indashio’s fashion show, so please hop on Twitter and tweet @AJames08 your questions. I say we ask about the record label rumor and album news!

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